Kid Size

Price:  20.00 CAD

Size:  10.5 in X 13.5 in (27 cm X 34 cm)

Made Of:  

Bag: 100 % Flannel Cotton

Content: 100% Organic Oat Grains


How To Use It:

Heat in microwave for 1/2 minute (30 seconds) at highest setting.

Wait at least 30 minutes to reheat.

Ensure 1 inch clearance around the bag in microwave to allow it to move and turn properly. 

Can be used cold by placing 2 hours in freezer.


Apply the bag on the part of your body that needs it for as long as needed. Kid size will cover the tiny parts of your child. A back, a tummy. Or any small erea you would like to asses.You will start feeling the effects immediately.


Visit our ''Useful Info About Our Bags'' page regarding usage instruction and much more...


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