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-your every day companion-




Microwavable/Freezable             Fast and efficient            Soothes and comforts            All natural


The grain bag is divided into small compartments for uniform heat.

Tested by massage therapists repeatedly, every day. The bag is safe and durable.

Benefits: Application of heat increases the blood flow to sore muscles. This helps to remove toxins and relax the muscles.

The grains provide moist heat which penetrates in the deep tissues of the body.

Efficient for muscle pain, joint stiffness, stress, headaches, back and neck pain and arthritis.

A warm bag in the bed helps promote sleep.

A cold bag decreases swelling and inflammation by creating a vasoconstriction of the blood vessels. Use on bumps and bruises.

Fabric of bag: 100 % Cotton         Content: 100% Organic Oat Grains

Sizes: Full Back Size: 54 cm X 69 cm (21 in X 27 in)          Half Size: 54 cm X 34 cm (21 in X 13.5 in.)

Kid Size: 27 cm X 34 cm (10.5 in. X 13.5 in.)      Baby Bag Size: 13cm x 18 cm (5 in x 7 in)  

Eye Mask Size: 33 cm X 20 cm (13 in X 8 in) Content: Flaxseeds

Made in Canada

Q.: For how long should I heat Thermo Comfy in the microwave oven?


A.: For Full Back Size: 4 minutes

For a Half Size: 2 minutes

For a Kid Size and Baby Size: 1/2 minute (30 seconds)

For eye bag: Do not heat, use at room temperature or cold (50 minutes in freezer)

Q.: Is Thermo Comfy good to use on my bursitis?


A.: Ask your doctor for your specific condition if you should be using heat or cold on your bursitis to assist with the healing and your current treatment. The right answer really depends on your specific condition and it is very important to use the right temperature. 

Q.: Should I use my Thermo Comfy during my pregnancy and during delivery?


A.: Yes, definitely. Pregnant women love Thermo Comfy especially used with HEAT during labor. Most pre-natal classes and hospitals recommend women  to have a source of heat like a heating bag such as Thermo Comfy during this event. It helps to relieve back pain during contractions and brings a feeling of comfort as well. Thermo Comfy is also very helpful after delivery.

Q.: What is the content of Thermo Comfy?


A.: All our bags are 100% natural and made of Cotton and Organic Oat grains, except Eye Bag which is made of lin seeds.

Q.: Where can I purchase a Thermo Comfy?


A.: Thermo Comfy is sold in our online store.

Q.: Can Thermo Comfy be washed?


A.: The actual Thermo Comfy bags cannot be washed due to the oat grains and lin seeds. That is why we created a washable cover that we offer separately. You can hand wash the surface with water and soap. Do not immerse in water.

Q.: I don't have a microwave oven, can I heat my Thermo Comfy in a conventional oven?


A.: It is not recommended to heat Thermo Comfy in a conventional oven.

Q.: Can the Thermo Comfy be overheated?


A.: Yes, a bag heated for longer than the recommended time will overheat, and will start to smoke and can even burn in flames. Properly used, it is absolutely safe. 

Q.:  Can I heat my Thermo Comfy as many times a day as I need?


A.:Thermo Comfy is made of oat grains that carry natural moisture. Oat grains heated too many times a day couldn't have enough time to regain their moisture and could overheat. Also, the Thermo Comfy keeps its heat longer and is the most efficient when the grains are naturally carrying enough moist.

If you need consistent use of heat (more than 6 times per day) we recommend you to have a spare Thermo Comfy to prevent overheating, fire hazard and to get the most results out of your Thermo Comfy.

Many users have 2 Thermo Comfy so they can heat them alternately and benefit from a consistent heat without needing to wait 30 minutes for the next heat up time.

Q.: Can a Thermo Comfy lose its effectiveness over time?


A.: Yes, Since Thermo Comfy is a 100% natural product based on oat grains, the effect of heating and/or cooling might diminish the grains resistance to maintain the heat and/or cold over time. If you start noticing that your grain bag becomes dryer over time, we suggest you put a small glass of water in the micro-wave oven to add some humidity in the product.