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Microwavable/Freezable             Fast and efficient            Soothes and comforts            All natural


The grain bag is divided into small compartments for uniform heat.

Tested by massage therapists repeatedly, every day. The bag is safe and durable.

Benefits: Application of heat increases the blood flow to sore muscles. This helps to remove toxins and relax the muscles.

The grains provide moist heat which penetrates in the deep tissues of the body.

Efficient for muscle pain, joint stiffness, stress, headaches, back and neck pain and arthritis.

A warm bag in the bed helps promote sleep.

A cold bag decreases swelling and inflammation by creating a vasoconstriction of the blood vessels. Use on bumps and bruises.

Fabric of bag: 100 % Cotton         Content: 100% Organic Oat Grains

Sizes: Full Back Size: 54 cm X 69 cm (21 in X 27 in)          Half Size: 54 cm X 34 cm (21 in X 13.5 in.)

Kid Size: 27 cm X 34 cm (10.5 in. X 13.5 in.)      Baby Bag Size: 13cm x 18 cm (5 in x 7 in)  

Eye Mask Size: 33 cm X 20 cm (13 in X 8 in)

Made in Canada


Sylvie Gervais


Françoise Lavigne

Owner / Creator

Fanny Boileau

Website Developer and marketer


Our Story

Meet Françoise

In 2004 Francoise worked as a body work therapist. She used a heating bag before each massage she gave. Customers loved it. They felt calmer and their pain diminished. She founded her  heating bags company to meet the needs of the customers since they wanted to use the bags at home.

To make the bags she chose natural materials: cotton and organic oats. Oats have an alkaline Ph., it reduces the acidity level in the body. On the skin it has a soothing effect. The cotton fiber is an absorbing property, it retains moisture in the bag. It also has an insulating property, it retains heated air. This is a very strong fiber, it resists high temperatures. Françoise tested the effectiveness and endurance of its heating bags on its customers for many years.


Our Team

Special thanks to our team

Special thanks to Sylvie Gervais , my loving, skillful, sister-assitant.


Special thanks to Fanny Boileau, my passionate, loving, and purposeful, daughter-webmester who built my website and does other wonderful websites.


What people say...

"I love my heating bag! I discovered that it is also effective for many other things than my back pain. I also use it to relieve my headaches or just to relax after a stressful day or to warm up while returning from a skiing activity .

Honestly I would have a hard time living without my Thermo Comfy.''

Janine, Gatineau, QC

My daughter gave me a Thermo Comfy bag a few years ago, as a present.  Like most people I had experienced occasional muscular pain in my back and lower neck, over the years.  At first I was a little skeptical but I tried it anyways.  I figured I had nothing to lose.  The results were astonishing.  It helped me so much that now I wouldn't go anywhere for a long period of time without carrying it with me... I even brought it on a road trip through the US, last winter!  Try it, it's well worth the investment!

Michel, Gatineau, QC 

“I’m a cold bodied person, so I love my Thermo Comfy. I use it 3 - 4 times per day especially during the winter months. It heats up in minutes in the microwave. It keeps me warm and my muscles supple while sitting at my office chair throughout the day. I put it on my neck as required. It makes the perfect companion while sitting on the couch reading or watching TV. Muscle tension seems to simply dissolve. It makes a fantastic bed warmer as well. You won’t find a better bag for your buck!''

Michel, Victoria, BC

"When I used the Thermo Comfy the first time for my back pain, I couldn't believe it!  A few minutes later I was relieved and I felt a well-being sensation from head to feet. Ever since, as soon as I have a pain or an ach I heat up my bag and I immediately feel my body relax and I often fall asleep. I offered one to several friends and family members as a gift and no one could ever live without it.''

Pierrette, Val- des-Monts, QC



''I love my heating bag! My spouse and I regularly use our heating bags, they are marvelous! Whether after a full day at the computer for me or after a 12 hour shift working outside for my spouse, we can count on the soothing relief of the Thermo Comfy. In particular, the large size is a plus and is very versatile. Many thanks for the wonderful product.''

Nathalie, Cantley, QC



''In the winter time, I am always cold and so I heat up my bag all day long and wear it over my shoulders and back  to warm my body up. I am very tense in that area so I it helps me work at the computer al day without feeling any pain in my neck. I also bring it to bed with me or under the blanket while watching movies.  My Thermo Comfy is also a life saver as for PMS and cramps. It allows me to sleep well at night! For me it's simply a ''must'' Sometime I even put the Full Back Sized one on my back and the Regular Size one on my lap simultanieously.''

Fanny, Vancouver, BC



''I have truly experienced much relief and satisfaction from my Thermo Comfy heat bag. I have a terrible low back as well as sore joints and once my bag is heated up it takes the pain away immediately and makes me feel relaxed. I do not feel the normal amount of pain I am used to when I use my heat bag and use it on different parts of my sore body. I could not live without my Thermo Comfy Heat Bag. This things goes everywhere with me!''

Michael, Bellingham, WA